Is your website taking too long to load?

Is your website taking too long to load?

Ill show you how you can improve your website load speed with no technical knowledge required, just basic common sense.

Google announced a long time ago that website load speed is a ranking factor in their algorithm, so if you haven’t optimised your websites speed, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon.

If you feel that your website takes too long to load there are a few tools out their which should be your first port of call to understand why your website is taking too long to load. I personally like the one at pingdom tools. This tool will tell you the size of your website, how long it takes the website to load in seconds, the number of http requests and just generally how fast load speed is compared to other websites on the web. You could also use googles built in speed test to check your load times.

Its a good idea to keep websites as fast loading as possible, the last thing you want is a customer getting frustrated with your website and leaving before they have even seen your website. I do this myself and im pretty sure you will have done before too. It seems common sense to optimise your website speed but their are so many sluggish websites out there. Yes we are getting faster broadband and yes their is also 4G now on mobiles and tablets but this is no excuse to neglect your website for the tiny proportion of the population that actually have these available.

Im going to offer you a quick guide on how to optimise your own website in a matter of minutes by following a few simple steps:

  1. First head over to pingdom tools and type your website address into the search bar, click enter. Youll find a screen which looks like this:
  2. Use the information from the first part to get an understanding of your website performance, how does it compare to other websites? Now make a note of how fast your website loaded, the page size, and number of http requests for future reference.
  3. Now go further down the page and you will find what is taking your website so long to load. It’s likely that the largest toll on your load speed are images. These can be compressed and/or cropped to decrease the size. An example of this is here:
    images speed test
    So you can see from the image that their are 4 images,these images alone add up to over 6MB!! That is far too much for 4 images. Just optimising this would have a huge impact on speed.
  4. So your next step is to find any images, I mean any! and compress them to improve your website speed. Goto to compress jpeg images. To compress .PNG images you can goto, both these websites are free to use and absolutely amazing for compressing your data heavy images.
  5. Once you have compressed all of the images on your website youll need to re-upload them and re-check your website file size on pingdom tools! Welldone.

Get in touch if you require more in depth speed optimisation.

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