mobile friendly ranking factor released on 21st April 2015

Yet another reason to make your website mobile friendly

Google has announced that it will be using introducing a new ranking factor to its algorithm. On the 21st April mobile friendly websites may have a new boost in SERP’s.

So is your website mobile friendly?

Now is a better time than any to make sure your website is responsive. Not only will having a responsive website improve your visitors user experience. It has been officially announced by google that on the 21st of April mobile friendly websites will be part of googles ranking factors alongside the other 200+ or so signals google uses to rank your website in search results.

So is responsive web design new?

So for those of you who don’t know already, having a mobile version of your website has been around quite some time now. However the latest advancements in HTML5 and CSS3 made created a mobile friendly version of your website SOOO much better.

Before responsive web design was introduced we used a completely different “mobile” website. This turned out to be quite bad for SEO. The main reason why doing things in such a way was that the mobile version is in essence a completely separate website. Meaning your website was situated on a different domain e.g would have a different extension instead of the for instance

What can I do to make my website responsive before 21st April?

Well this depends on your website. Some websites may have a mobile version built into its content management, if you have a content management system on your website its worth doing a little research on google to see if your CMS offers this functionality. If so its usually a simple flick of a button! Do the research yourself tho because some agencies may feel the need to charge you hundreds of pounds to flick that switch!

If your website doesn’t have a CMS with this functionality you could search for plugins which could transform your website. These can sometimes be a little generic and lose some vital UX but if your budget is tight this could be a quick way to benefit from googles newly introduced ranking signal.

If either of the above options aren’t available to you (which will probably be most of you), then you can hire a web designer or front-end developer to create a fluid contrast between tablets and mobile phones altering only your websites CSS to make it responsive. This would again depend on your website but it could take as little as 2 days to complete.

Benefits of a mobile friendly website

The benefits to hiring a third party to make your website responsive is pretty straight forward. I believe visitor user experience comes first and I also believe that google correlates user experience to a lot more of its ranking algorithm than people make out.

Thinking about it from a common sense approach would assume that a website with a poor click-through rate, poor user experience and a high bounce rate would be safe to assume equals a poor quality website for a given search term. Having a GOOD responsive website should provide the following benefits;

  • INCREASE CLICK THROUGH RATE (mobile friendly icon in serps)
  • INCREASE VISITOR INTERACTION (commenting, reviewing etc)
  • INCREASE CONVERSIONS (an easy to navigate and use website will convert more)

There really is no reason for your website not to be made responsive. More and more people are connecting to the web on there mobiles. The more visitors that come to a non mobile friendly website will “bounce back” from your site to google search results. This causes a high bounce rate which speculation and common sense agrees google will correlate to a poor quality website.

So what makes a GOOD responsive website design?

Notice I highlighted good responsive web design above? Thats because some mobile friendly websites are pretty rubbish. They strip away so much functionality in order to increase mobile load speed that you’ll be left with virtually nothing but a logo and text. That’s great if you have a blog! But the majority of us don’t, which means eccommerce websites are left without the functionality of their desktop counterparts – who wants that?

This causes a ripple affect and decreases conversions, shopping cart abandonment and all of the other factors mentioned above. Ill try not to go into too much detail because ive wrote a whole article about GOOD responsive web design here.

You check if your website is mobile friendly/responsive by visiting the Mobile friendly website test

Has anything really frustrated you with a mobile friendly website?

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